Experience Russia

The tour includes a visiting Space Museums, interaction with cosmonauts and sightseeing tour of the famous landmarks on the cities.

  1. Moscow Sightseeing Tour

    Sightseeing Red Square, visit the Kremlin – a tour of the Cathedral Square and Armory

  2. Memorial Museum

    Excursion to the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics
    A visit to the house-museum of S.P. Queen
    Excursion to the pavilion “Cosmos”
    Lecture with the excursionists on the theme “Cosmos and the Universe”
    Presentation of Certificates

  3. Excursion to Star City

    Excursion to Star City on the technical territory of the Cosmonauts Training Center Yuri Gagarin with a visit to three sites:
    – Hall of Soyuz TMA-M transport ships
    – space station MIR
    – International Space Station;
    Meeting with the Astronaut (optional)
    Visit the Mission Control Center (optional).
    Inspection of the Main Flight Control Room of the International Space Station), Watching a film about the training of astronauts for flight and life in orbit;

  4. Air Force Museum

    Excursion to the Monino Air Force Museum;
    Visit to the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard;

  5. Saint Petersburg

    Saint Petersburg;
    City tour with a tour of the Peter and Paul Fortress;
    Visiting the museum of astronautics and rocket technology.
    Visiting the Observatory in the Planetarium.

  6. Excursion to Hermitage

    Excursion to Hermitage.
    Visit to the Main Museum Complex: Winter Palace, New Hermitage and Old Hermitage

  7. Military History Museum

    Visit to Military History Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Communications