Space Education Tour Program from Russia, the Cradle of Space Research

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Indo Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Chennai is the most active and well recognized among chamber of commerce. The Chamber of Commerce that nurtures strong relationships with Russia, IRCCI is proud to announce that we are the only entity to complete 25 years of cultural and trade relationship with Russia.

IRCCI traces its root to Soviet Union days and more precisely to pre Independence India. During the long and memorable journey, we at IRCCI have facilitated many JV (Joint Ventures) between Russian and Indian business. Our business facilitation covers Inter Government Partnerships, Enterprise to Enterprise, Memorandum of Understandings, Transfer of Technology and Trade & Commerce.

Xplore Cosmos is the brainchild of IRCCI and Dr.Sivathanu Pillai, who’s credited as Father of BrahMos is keen to provide a unique experience to students in India to learn deep about Space, Astronomy and Rocket Science. With the able guidance of Dr.Sivathanu Pillai, IRCCI signed partnership agreement between Russian Space Agency that offers a rare combination of education & travel with Space Science as the theme.

Bringing Russia Closer

IRCCI under the guidance of Dr. A.Sivathanu Pillai(Father of Brahmos), has structured the best in class Edutainment Program for students in India to learn and experience about space technology and the long history of the advances man has achieved in exploring Cosmos.

Strong Cultural Ties

IRCCI has helped both India and Russia unravel the hidden potential of both countries in the field of Arts, Culture, Tour programs and Business initiatives.

Indo Russia Travel Club
Our distinguished array of members help us bring the rich and varied heritage of both countries to help us build strong relationship. Building relationship between both countries has been the stellar role of IRCCI.


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Founder & Chairman
Mr.Gem R.Veeramani
Mr.Gem R.Veeramani
Dr.A.Sivathanu Pillai
Dr.A.Sivathanu Pillai
Mr. Russia Thangappan
Mr. Russia Thangappan
Secretary General